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A bedroom is a place where you want comfort and luxury together depending on your taste whether it is a piece of furniture, decor, lighting, or wardrobe it should be comforting and alluring at the same time. That’s why it is important that everything should fall into place, especially when we talk about wardrobes, we just see it as an element of storage, not as a part of the design element that’s the reason wardrobes end up looking an ugly piece of furniture at one corner of the room as it doesn’t align with the symmetry of the room. That’s why we need to know what options are available for us in the market, not every time we need to purchase it as an ugly piece of storage. Here we have mentioned the Top 8 designs for wardrobes in 2022. WALK-IN WARDROBE
A walk-in wardrobe brings so much change to your lifestyle by giving a sense of order and organization When you design the closet of your dreams, you can access your favorite outfits with ease. Installing a walk-in gives you a chance to add some luxury extras such as dressing rooms, pax sorting, dressing spaces as well as more storage solutions. In Walk-in wardrobes, you can add a bench for folding or ironing clothes with storage spaces beneath it. PUSH-TO-MOVE WARDROBE
This wardrobe gives any room a perfect design element not just a wardrobe with plenty of storage solutions, modern features, and timeless trendy colors. This wardrobe provides a modern push-to-move mechanism that allows one to open the wardrobe with one touch by giving a very sleek look. It is very easy to assemble, made from proven FSC-certified wood materials, and impresses with its high-quality craftsmanship. OPAQUE GLASS WARDROBE
Great for modern or contemporary homes, and even in more traditional spaces, glass wardrobes are available in a huge range of colors, offering a high level of elegance and sophistication. Glass wardrobes give a modern look combined with a lightweight feel. Though glass wardrobes maybe a little more fragile and prone to fingerprints, they are extremely easy to wipe clean. A glass wardrobe gives you a preview of your outfit for the day, right from your bed. Super organized and functional, these floor-to-ceiling fitted glass doors enclose custom-designed shelving and drawers. WARDROBE WITH DRESSING UNIT
As we are getting modernized we are finding options that are multipurpose and can be used for various functions and like earlier now people don’t have very big houses so they don’t have a separate space for every particular thing for e.g- a wardrobe and dressing unit so now they’ve opted for a single unit which has both a wardrobe and a dressing unit, serving both the purpose functionality+aesthetics. HANDLESS WARDROBE
Bedrooms are private spaces and going with what feels right can be tempting. Considering you have already decided whether to go for a traditional or contemporary or a transitional style, you can decide whether to have handles or not. Contemporary style has been all about being handleless for a sleek look. Going for a transitional style might be a bit tricky because you’re using traditional elements to go for a modern look. PAX SLIDING WARDROBE
When we talk about pax wardrobe first thing that comes to our mind is a relief. In this fast, world we have become so disorganized as we barely have time that’s why pax wardrobes are much efficient as it so many pax for every item of yours whether it is jewelry or a piece of cloth it’ll have its own dedicated place. WARDROBE WITH A SEATING
As always we are upgrading our standard of living by doing so we try to fill up our space with different-different elements it becomes difficult for one to dedicate one particular space for seating in small apartments so now people have started to give bay window seating in a niche of a wardrobe which gives a cozy corner kind of look to that space and is very efficient, especially for kids room. WARDROBE WITH LOUVERS
If any wardrobe shutters are classic then louvers will come first to your mind The first advantage when using louvered wardrobes is design – instead of being solid, the doors use louvers like window shutters. This type of wardrobe looks lovely in any home and they never go out of style. Another advantage of louvered doors is ventilation. If you travel a lot or just keep your closet doors closed most of the time your closet can get stuffy. Shifting to louvered doors will keep air circulating, keeping any mustiness at bay.