A smart expense management tool for interior and builders

Expense Management

Manage, optimize, and reduce business expenditures in a strategic way.

With Dzylo, your employees can easily upload a picture of their expense receipts related to their jobs. The software then automatically populates and codes the expense receipt for a specific job or construction project. The employee can then confirm and submit the construction expenditure report for expense approval.

Construction and Interior Expense management
Petty Cash Expenses

Petty Cash Expenses

Our expense management system can track petty expenses at the project site as well as project P&L account levels. Even things like three-way transactions, which haven’t yet been captured in many accounting software, can be tracked by our system.

What are the benefits?

  • There is no penny left unaccounted for
  • Managing project expenses is easier
  • A better understanding of the project site’s expenses

Bills and Purchase Orders

More manageable Bills and Purchase Orders

Experience easy-to-use functionality for your PO processing. Have your subs sign off on scope of work and payment terms online and track approvals, PO status and invoices.

What are the benefits?

  • Less lost payments with electronic bills and POs
  • More organized payments
  • More involved subs

Construction Estimation tool by Dzylo CRM

Prepare construction Estimates with more accuracy

Creating and sending customized estimates is simple with construction estimating software. You can generate a cost catalog, make the customer aware of the specific line items, and gather digital signatures.

What are the benefits?

  • Quicker and more accurate pricing
  • Project managers can get answers quickly
  • More closed jobs

      Start projects quicker with Dzylo

      There are many moving parts and components involved in planning construction projects. With Dzylo, you can reclaim hours from your day and feel confident in the accuracy of your estimates.

      What are the benefits?

      • Save time on manual measurements
      • Keep everyone up to date with digital blueprints
      • Ensure accurate estimates every time
      Site Progress Report

      Our Work in Progress Report provides more detailed information

      Keeping track of your projects is easy with Dzylo Work in Progress report. In addition, you can easily view overbilling and under billings and get a quick view of profit margins.

      What are the benefits?

      •  Time is saved by quicker reporting

      • Keeping track of daily expenses has never been easier
      • More accurate financials on individual jobs and across all jobs


      Let us show you how it works

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