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Task Management

Plan and manage tasks ahead of time

Dzylo helps teams centralize all important information, track and allocate tasks, prioritize key tasks, and much more.

Break up your workload into manageable chunks. Manage resources, delegate tasks, prioritize tasks as per demand, divide tasks into subtasks, track task progress to stay on schedule, plan complex projects, reduce admin work, and organize all details under a common roof.

Task management tool

Manage and prioritize tasks

Dzylo acts as a common task pool wherein teams can manage and assign tasks, break tasks into subtasks, plan ahead of time, set priorities, create recurring tasks, attach files, and stay on top of deadlines with Dzylo backing you up.


Optimize resources

Robust task management is only possible when a team’s resources are tapped optimally. With Dzylo’s task management features, managers can maintain harmony in workflow by carefully balancing resources, setting priorities, preventing burnout, and utilizing the resources at hand.

Managing time

Time management is another important aspect of project management and with a tool like DzyloHub it becomes easy to track billable hours, set time estimates, start and due dates, save time by automating recurring tasks, and much more.

Task Management Workflow

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