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Your bedroom is the space where you spend most of your day, from sleeping, to relaxing or to even studying and because we spend one third of our lives sleeping, it becomes more important to find the right bed to style your room! There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a new bed, i.e. to know about different kinds of beds and which one suits your style and space? Do you want a bed with extra storage or one that is easily stored or do you want one with a fancy headboard or a simple frame? Dzylo is here to help you to find the perfect bed for you which will suite you and your home.

Choose the right bed for your space with Dzylo‘s hand picked bed collection 2022. Know the style of the bed.

These are the different types of bed that are available in the market out there! Choose which one best suits your space

Panel Bed

A panel bed features rails along the foot and head of the bed. This type of bed is built to support both a mattress and a mattress foundation. The base of the bed is typically made with wooden panels to increase breathability and help extend the life of your mattress and foundation.

Upholstered Bed

Upholstered beds have frames that are made of a variety of materials including suede, velvet, and faux leather. The upholstery is laid on top of a layer of padding, making the headboards of this style of bed very soft and comfortable. It’s perfect for those who like to sit on their bed to read or work.

Ottoman Bed

An ottoman bed is built with gas-lifting hydraulics underneath the bed that lift the mattress to reveal additional storage space. This type of bed is perfect for those looking to declutter their living space and add some additional storage (without sacrificing comfort).

Bookcase Bed

Bookcase bed designs are perfect for people who likes to snuggle up with a good book before bed. The bed frames of these beds come complete with bookshelves in the headboard so that you can easily access your favorite reads.

Round Bed

A round bed is designed in the shape of a circle. The size of this style of bed can be compared to the length of a king-sized mattress. This niche style of bed is great for lounging and works well in a TV room, theater room, or placed near large windows.

Poster Bed

Four-poster beds are known for the distinct posts that rise up from each corner. This style of bed is a popular addition to a large bedroom. The posts can be designed in a variety of styles, from rustic to regal.

Half Poster Bed

The last member of the poster bed family is the half poster bed. This style of poster bed is unique for the size of each poster as the posters at the foot of the bed are extremely short (even shorter than the low poster bed) and the posters at the top of the bed are regular size.

Traditional Canopy Bed

Similar to poster beds, a traditional canopy bed has posters rising from each corner of the bed. What makes this type of bed different is that the poster connects to create a frame around the bed and the posters of a traditional canopy bed are very thick and typically made of wood and fabric can then be draped over the frame to create a cozy and intimate feel.


Divan beds are unique because they have a specially designed base that consists of a wooden frame encased by fabric. The base sometimes includes a headboard and drawers for extra storage and comes with a mattress designed to work with the base for your comfort. This type of bed is perfect for those looking to purchase a mattress and bed all in one.

Contemporary Canopy Bed

A contemporary canopy bed is the modern version of a canopy bed. It has a very thin frame and can be made from a variety of different materials to match your style. The style of this bed can work well in most bedrooms and can even add some height to the smallest rooms.

Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed — also known as a pull-down bed or wall bed — is for those who want to maximize their space. A Murphy bed has a hinge on one end so that it can be folded up and stored against the wall. Most beds of this style come with storage in the sides so that people can make the most of their living space. These work great in studios and small apartments.


A daybed is an incredibly versatile bed style because it can be used as a bed, a bench, and a sofa. It serves the same purpose as a futon, but it’s a bit more elegant. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, though it’s typically used for twin beds. Daybeds are perfect for home offices, guest rooms, and even patios.

Air Bed

Air beds are beds filled with air, but they are different from air mattresses. They are considered more permanent and are designed to be used in home, as opposed to camping or travel. They can be used as regular beds or can even be used in pull-out couches.


Similar to a daybed, a futon can double as a couch and bed. It is a traditional Japanese style of bedding that is perfect for small rooms and apartments. It’s a folding bed so it is easily stored and can be placed pretty much anywhere in your home.       These are the best types of beds you can consider for keeping at home, offices or taking them to the family trips as these beds make the body flexible and provide good support. We hope you found our ideas useful! If you want your home to be just as beautiful, then check our Instagram page @d.z.y.l.o for more decor ideas to change your house into home you always dreamt of. If want to Book an interior designer to transform your house check 3D Artists on Dzylo.  Click here to check other blogs and upskill your home.